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About Us

Soul in a Bowl, we call ourselves a family kitchen – A family of friends that cooks, eats, laughs and learn together.

We do many things: Cooking classes that focus on traditional and modern food crafts, lunch dates for chitchat while enjoying good food, culinary explorations to satisfy the love for knowledge of food (we don’t mind tasting on the way), and potluck suppers where we invite everyone to share their creations.

Anything in the kitchen is allowed that gets people and food around the table!

We can play scrabble or discuss a book but there’s nothing we enjoy more than sharing a great meal with great friends. And yeah when we cook, there’s soul in a bowl.

Our Approach

There’s a renewed interest in food; how awesome it can taste, how and where it was raised, and in the far reaching connections between us, our food, and the environment. We’re excited about this, about people needing to be reconnected with their food. However this sometimes prompts to the stress and one-upmanship towards food that puzzles us. The TV is wrong; you needn’t be a gourmet chef. Your family will not stop adoring you if you overcook the bird. Food served with a smile is always better. (Has there ever been a roast so dry that an additional glass of wine won’t wash it down?) Our relationship to food is a lifelong relationship to friends, family and the world that surrounds us. At Soul in a Bowl, we are passionate about food, but never enough to take ourselves too seriously. Our goal is to make good food enjoyable.

Our Story

At Soul in a Bowl, atmosphere is casual and we provide the abilities to become a confident and independent cook.

We offer a variety of hands on cooking experiences, courses and demo to make cooking a fun experience regardless of your cooking ability. There is always plenty of chances to make inquiries and gain understanding of probably requesting procedures. Each session includes tasting all the food that has been made, additionally improving your ability to end up noticeably a skilled home cook.