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Pan Asian Class Menu

  • Korean Star- Kimchi

Pan Asian 1

.Korean star Rolled Kimchi

. BBQ Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps

. Make Your Day One Pot Meal BiBimbap

.Chef's Signature Vietnamese Pho

  • Raw Mango salad

Pan Asian 2

.Raw Mango salad

.Tofu and sugarcane stick

.Korean spicy stew

.Vietnamese summer rolls

.Singapore rice noodles


                                         Best Pan Asian Classes Delhi


PAN ASIAN food means Rainbow Colors of Bright veggies, Fragrance of Herbs, and a Simply cooked meal bursting with flavors and nutrients. It is just the cuisine for urbane generation- Light, Super Healthy and scrumptious. So it will be a great choice for day to day food and for party layouts.

Designed for a modern cook- Beginning with understanding ingredients, you will be able to master the various cooking techniques, sauces, and taste makers. Also our Chef Shweta will share her secret tips and tricks that will help you in your kitchen. Most of all Learn how to serve Variety while saving time and money, Buying best Ingredients, and Laying a stylish table for any meal.

For Complete knowledge of the cuisine, the course is divided in 3 sub parts- Pan Asian 1, 2 and 3, but each class is complete in itself. The extensive menu with 3 parts is designed so that you can serve Pan Asian cuisine for every occasion. You will have options for a quick snack, brunch or a fancy multi course meals. In 3 classes, you will learn all- superb soups, salads, one pot meals and marvelous main courses and delicious desserts.


                                     Bond and Enjoy Cooking Experience


Besides just cooking, we want to design an Enjoyable Cooking Experience for you. You’ll hear all tales of Pan Asian food, and Experience the culture and traditions of Asian countries. Do u know Kimchi was sent to space and an average Korean eats 18 kg kimchi every year. Listen the love story of a Singapore Rice noodle stall owner and learn why Pan Asian is one of the most healthy cuisine of the world.


Noteworthy, we are the only Completely Vegetarian Pan Asian Cooking Classes in Delhi, but non vegetarians do not need to fret- we don’t cook non veg in our kitchen but our chef can guide you through the recipe.