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    The Beauty of Cooking In Earthen Pots

    The Beauty of Cooking In Earthen Pots!

    Earthenware had forever been an inherent part of the Indian kitchen. It has been there for centuries and still hasn’t lost its effectiveness & remains to be a healthy & delicious cooking choice in many parts of the country with the passing time. Not only that but many established chefs still use earthen pots for various types of cooking & dishes. An amazing thing about clay pots & pans is the fact that being the oldest form of cooking, they are still a popular choice even to the fanciest, modern dishes and not to forget the traditional as well.

    These pots come in variety & sizes depending on the dishes but majorly used are the clay pots & open bakers. Clay pots with lids work well with both oven & stove cooking. There isn’t a better choice, to cook steamed vegetables, biryani and party snacks. It is also best especially for the dishes that require slow cooking. Even though many people use it for slow cooking, it still takes half the cooking time as the heat inside ensures that the food is cooked in one go.

    Open bakers are like pans without lids and are the right choice for casserole dishes. If you wish to cook scalloped potatoes, lasagna or even roast chicken, open bakers are the best pots.

    Advantages of using Earthen Pots


    Earthen pots are porous in nature, hence allow both heat and moisture to circulate through the food, which results in slow yet aromatic food and retains the nutrition of the food and this is what makes the food healthy as well.

    Alkaline in Nature

    Clay is alkaline in nature and it interacts with the acidity in the food, hence, it maintains the pH balance making food healthier and a lot tastier. It doesn’t allow necessary minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and sulphur that benefits our health.

    Requires Less Use of Oil

    Due to its heat resistance and slow cooking, the food retains all its oils and moisture; therefore, there is no need to add extra oil and fat for providing moisture to your food.

    Delectable Food

    The slow cooking process & porous nature retains the moisture and aroma without losing any nutrient, this in turn enriches the flavour of the food and not to forget the earthy flavour it adds to it, a taste that can be found nowhere.


    Earthen pots are easily available, the potters still make them in different shapes & sizes, so it’s easy for you to find them according to your need. Also, these pots are not expensive, hence won’t puncture a hole in your pockets.

    Earthen pots gives you freedom to experiment with your cooking style. It’s an experience that leaves you with nothing but the best. Happy Cooking!

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